Noekam was an Undead Zombie Commander.

Keeper of the Tomb Edit

Noekam during the War of Spirits period noted the Keeper of the Tomb hoarded the bones of the dead like jewel, but he did not know to what purpose. [1]

Carpenter Wall Falls Edit

Noekam fought in the attack to the Kaiu Wall in 1159. [2]

City of the Lost Edit

In 1160 Daigotsu knew the Four Winds were gathering at Kyuden Seppun by the Oracle of the Void, to march against the City of the Lost, as the Dark Oracle of Void foresaw to the Dark Lord. Noekam was prepared for the battle. [3]

Iuchiban Edit

In 1165 Iuchiban walked again Rokugan, defeated Daigotsu and took the City of the Lost. Noekam was loyal to the Dark Lord and went to the Burning Sands with him and Katsu. There the Oracle's son was obliged to undergo the same ritual that created Iuchiban and became a khadi, and Daigotsu truly saw how the ritual was. [4]

Age of Conquest Edit

Noekam 2


Noekam still was fighting the Empire during the Age of Conquest. [5]

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