Noble Quarter

Noble Quarter

Noble Quarter of Ryoko Owari Toshi was the home of pretty much all the Scorpion samurai in the city. It was exempt from the vice that filled the rest of the city. [1]

Appearance Edit

It was built on the Noble Hill and there was a thick and beautiful wall around, to keep the social ranks pure and separated from the rest. [2] The houses in this district were the biggest, the buildings the most graceful, and the gates, sables and gardens were flawlessly kept. The streets were smooth and comfortable. [3]

Old Section Edit

The Old Section neighborhood stretched along the wall between the Noble and Merchant Quarters, which was the oldest part of an the city. It was actually burned down by the Lion Clan at one point, and most of the buildings were newer than those in the New Section. [3]

Locations Edit

New Section Edit

The New Section neighborhood was built during the the reign of Hantei XIX, when the growth of the city necessitated the expansion of the Noble Quarter. When the Lion Clan attacked a few decades later, they spared the New Section. The houses here were a little smaller than in the Old Section, and the streets were not quite as wide and generous, but it was still a beautiful part of town, full of cozy streets and tidy gardens. [5]

Locations Edit

After the Coup Edit

Along with the Temple District, the Noble Quarter suffered the most severe losses when the Crab razed the city during their march against Otosan Uchi. The Noble Quarter had been completely repaired. [8]


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