Garden Under Shadow City

Garden Under Shadow City

The Garden Under Shadow City was home of the Daidoji family [1] and guarded against the Crab to the south. [2] It was located in the Asahina province of Shinkyou. [3]

Appearance Edit

The modest settlement was dominated by a martial castle which contained a sizable garrison of Daidoji troops. [4]

Library Edit

The library contained beneath the city was the single most complete collection of information on tactics outside the Akodo school. It was rumored that the Daidoji emplyed spies within the Akodo who copied important texts and smuggled them out. The rarest book within the library was the pride of Daidoji Daimyo Daidoji Uji, and was a text devoted solely on gaijin strategy and swordplay, written by an ancient Daidoji Daimyo. No other library in Rokugan contained as many works on gaijin. [2]

Strategy Room Edit

In addition to many dissertations from famous generals, accounted from past battles and theories on warfare the library had some tremendous tables built with the terrains of the Crane lands. The tables showed treelines, castle positions, rivers and roads. The tables were kept up to date once a year, when the students of the Daidoji Harrier school were sent out to mark changed positions of trees or other landmarks. This allowed the table to be up to date and the Daidoji had an important tool in the defense of the lands they had been charged to protect. [2]

Destruction Edit

The holding was eventually destroyed during the Clan War, burned to the ground by a Crab-Shadowlands army led by Hida Yakamo. At the end of the 12th century only a few scattered stones remained. [4]


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