West Mountain Village

West Mountain Village (CB10)

West Mountain Village (CB10) was a Hida outpost and training ground for Crab soldiers within the Juuin province. [1] A small jade mine was just north of the village. [2] The road to the south connected with Kyuden Hida. [3]

Notable Locations Edit

Underground Passages Edit

Resting on the western side of Wall above the Ocean mountains there were a series of natural caverns nearby which lead to twisting underground paths that lead to Higashiyama Mura in the east. Even though there was a road connecting the two villages using the tunnels takes half the time, and they were never blocked by snow during the winter. [4]

Unari's Legacy Edit

In the 12th century a small monastery was built there to house the students of Unari, one of the most famous Crab poets and authors of all time. [5]

Destroyer War Edit

In 1172 during the Destroyer War the outpost was overrun by the Destroyers. They advanced onto the Crab capital, and seized the castle in the Fall of Kyuden Hida. [3]


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