Nio's Kimono
Created by: Doji Konishiko
First used by: Doji Nio
Currently in the possession of: Unknown

Nio's Kimono was woven by Doji Nio's sister, the Crane Thunder Doji Konishiko. In his deathbed Nio passed it to his son. The kimono shown little wear, and was found unscathed after Kyuden Doji burned during the Clan War. The Doji Daimyo lent this kimono to courtiers undertaking a mission of great importance, and Crane Clan Champions used to receive the Emperor while wearing this kimono. [1]

Appearance and Abilities Edit

Nio's kimono was a pale sky blue that shimmered brightly in direct light. The sleeves were worked with swirling clouds and the back featured a flying crane. The obi had been lost, but only the finest obi was acceptable to complement such a garment. The indestructible kimono increased the Awareness of its wearer, and attackers seemed unable to attack any who wore it. [2]


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