The Ninube Temple was the hidden stronghold of the Ninube family. It was made of insubstantial darkness, and it was located in the far southern reaches of Lost territory, in the Shadowlands. [1]

Gathering Place Edit

After Goju Adorai's defeat in the Battle of Oblivion's Gate, the Ninube became tainted. Those who endured the madness of the Taint were inexorably drawn to this place in the early years of the Shadow Dragon's existence. They were unwilling to fully join the Shadowlands, or to become followers of Fu Leng's pet Dragon. They followed the commands of Goju Hoseki, the Ninja Mystic, and used their shadow magic to create the Ninube Temple where they could worship Goju Adorai. [1]

Egg of P'an Ku Edit

After the defeat of Daigotsu at the hands of Iuchiban, two powerful Ninube confronted Daigotsu Hoturi and forced his essence back into the Egg of P'an Ku. They then Ninube offered the Egg to Iuchiban, who in turn instructed the Ninube to guard it for him, and the Egg was kept safe in the Temple. [2]


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