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Ninube Kaede 
Born: c. 1100 
Titles: Ninube Daimyo

Ninune Kaede was the Ninube Daimyo after the imprisonment of the Shadow Dragon in 1200.

Daimyo Edit

Kaede served the “Ninube family” as what amounted to a daimyo. Many Ninube obeyed the commands of this ancient, powerful creature without question. It was rumoured that she was indeed Toturi Kaede, but to mention the former Empress in the presence of this creature was dangerous. [1] Kaede claimed that she was the true child of Isawa Ninube, that she was the Ninube family and all others bearing the name just mere extensions of her being. [2]

Recruiting the Chuda Edit

After Daigotsu Kanpeki had declared war on the Empire of Iweko II in 1200, Kaede approached Chuda Teraiko in a haven deep within the Shadowlands, in a volcanic mountain chain that bordered on the Sea of the Jade Sun. On behalf of Kanpeki, the Spider Clan Champion, she offered to welcome the Chuda family back into the Spider Clan, if they pledge their loyalty and serve as weapons of war against the Empire. Teraiko accepted and presumed many others would, too. Kaede presented Kanpeki's orders that those Chuda who refuse to return to the Spider were to be killed. If some would be to powerful, Kaede offered to be given their name and have them assassinated. [2]

Preceded by:
Shadow Dragon
Ninube Daimyo
1200 - Present
Succeeded by:


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