Ninube Eisai 
Born: Unknown 
Died: Unknown 
Titles: Mistress of the Ninube

Giri was a monk of the Brotherhood of Shinsei who fell to the corruption of the Shadows as Ninube Eisai. She became the Mistress of the Ninube under the whim of the Shadow Dragon, the new Lord of the Darkness.

Monk Edit

Giri was the orphaned daughter of farmers slain in one of the conflicts between the Crane and Lion Clans. She was fostered to the Brotherhood of Shinsei and raised as a contemplative monk in a minor temple to Shinsei in the southern Dragon lands. [1]

Hoshi, True Love Edit

She took a vow of silence and helped those affected by Clan War. Yogo Junzo's Army came to the temples of Shinsei, looking for the Little Teacher's descendent. Her temple was saved by the timely arrival of a Dragon army by their Lord, Togashi Hoshi. Giri knew that day she was destined to love Togashi's son. [1]

Fallen Edit

Giri was a follower of Hoshi when Hitomi purged the Dragon ranks, and her loyal servant when Hoshi reclaimed the Dragon Throne. At this time another silent nun joined Hoshi's entourage, Eisai. Within weeks, it was clear that Hoshi was smitten, and Giri's heart shattered. Giri became obsessed and quickly grew into hatred. The Darkness offered their shadow powers to Giri, promising that she would would be as remarkable as Eisai and steal Hoshi's heart away. Partially consumed, her goals were replaced by inflicting pain upon members of the Hoshi. Her love was completely forgotten, and all that Giri remembered was she needed to be as great as someone. [2]

Mistress of the Ninube Edit

By the time the Battle of Oblivion's Gate, Ninube Giri had almost completely forgotten herself. With the naming of the Lying Darkness, she found herself alone and abandoned. She was drawn to the Shadowlands alongside with other minions of the Shadows. Her connection to Nothing was enough to keep the Taint from consuming her completely, and she taught others how to harness the power of Shadow within them without attracting the attention of the new master of the Darkness, the Shadow Dragon. When one of her minions asked her name, she replied "Eisai," the only memory she truly had. The anger sparked by that revelation caused her to destroy the ninja that asked and none spoke their mistress' name anymore. [2]

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Preceded by:
Goju Adorai
Mistress of the Ninube
1133 - (c. 1165)
Succeeded by:


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