Ninjutsu was a broad term that included the ninja weapons and equipment, [1] also used to name the major martial art of the Scorpion Clan, and their fabled ninja. [2]

Meaning Edit

Literally, art of endurance, from nin (endurance) and jutsu (martial art). Ninjutsu was a collection of techniques originally practiced for espionage purposes. It included methods of gathering information, non-detection, avoidance, and misdirection techniques. Ninjutsu could also involve training in disguise, escape, concealment, archery, medicine, and explosives.

Although the popular view was that ninjutsu was the art of secrecy or stealth (called shinobi in the ninja version), actual practitioners considered it to mean the art of enduring - enduring all of life's hardships. The character nin (忍) carried both these meanings.

Origins Edit

Ninjutsu was a strange style, hinging upon the use of many different weapons rather than relying srrierly on unarmed attacks or a single weapon. The early techniques began with the legendary Bayushi Aramoro. His art was a complex method of disabling an opponent with blinding speed, focusing upon removing the opponents ability to stage an effective counterattack. [2]

Style Edit

Nhjutsu hinged on the principles of speed and accuracy over stamina and raw power. Ninja were trained to disable or even kill an opponent with several quick, unforeseen attacks, then fade away quickly. It placed less emphasis on timing than other combat forms and instead focused on spacing. [3]

Purpose Edit

Ninjutsu was only used when other, more practical methods were not applicable. It was never shared with those outside the Scorpion clan, and only rarely taught to those outside the Shosuro Ninja Academy. [3]

Training Edit

Ninjutsu taught a great deal about survival and improvisation. Meditative focus was also important, as a ninja must control his emotions, to focus on the success of his mission. A student's fingertips, toes, palms, and heels were calloused to deliver their precise and powerful attacks into a small target. [4]

  • The novice knew how to take advantage of an opponent who was encumbered by armor.
  • An intermediate student learned how to subtly exploit an opponent through careful, measured movements.
  • An advanced student learned how to conserve his energy for a cunning strike against his enemy.
  • An expert of the art was adept at not only controlling and foiling an enemy's movement, but quick escape should that enemy close the distance.
  • The master of ninjutsu took advantage of the slightest opening in his opponent's defense.

Known Advanced Maneuvers Edit

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The Art of Ninjutsu

The Art of Ninjutsu

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