Ninja Shadow-Walker

Ninja Shadow-Walker

The Ninja Shadow-Walker were Ninja serving the Lying Darkness.

They were torn from Celestial Order by the Lying Darkness, which infused its pawns with the capability to become formless and able to take any shape they wished. They were slowly disconnected to the spiritual planes of reality. [1]

Bayushi Aramashu Edit

Ninja Shadow-Walker 3

Ninja Shadow-Walker

Before Toturi was rescued, a shadowalker advised Bayushi Aramasu to met him when Kyuden Isawa would be seized. [2]

Volturnum Edit

In 1133 the Elemental Council was in the Shi-Khan Wastes performing a ritual to magically transport the Empire armies to Volturnum, avoiding the direct fight with Shadowlands forces. The Shadows attacked the Masters with a gropu of Shadowmancers that used their bloody and nothing magic to disrupt the ritual. When the spirit of Isawa Tomo appeared to completed the Council of Five and the ritual, the Shadowmancers force disappeared. [3]

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Ninja Shadow-Walker 2

Ninja Shadow-Walker


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