Nine Days of Blood
Location: The Lair
Date: 2nd half of the 12th century
Major Forces: Bandits,
Boar Clan,
Generals: Ougon,
Heichi Jomei,
Kitsu Yosaku
Battles of Rokugan

The Nine Days of Blood was a bandit attack to the Lair, the remote and secretive valley in the Twilight Mountains where the last remnants of the Boar Clan lived cut off from the Emerald Empire since the early 6th century. The battle was transformed into a desperate struggle against the undead raised by the Maho-tsukai Kitsu Yosaku. [1]

Preambles Edit

During a long winter's night a small force of bandits raided a secluded and remote valley in the Twilight Mountains. While most of the bandits looted the village, one of them named Ougon interrogated some of the commoners. He learned that the village, Boar's Flanks, and the valley, known as the Lair, were under the rule of the last remnants of the Boar Clan, which had been supposedly extinct in the early 6th century by the Bloodspeaker Agasha Ryuden. The Boar, cut off from the Emerald Empire, had storaged centuries of Imperial taxes in a storeroom called the Vault, waiting the time the Heichi would contact again Rokugan. Eventually the Boar rallied their troops and overwhelmed the bandits, but Ougon escaped. [2]

Battle Edit

Assaulting the Valley Edit

In the thirteenth day of the Month of the Monkey a bandit army nearly a thousand strong made it way into the Lair, led by Ougon. On the fifteenth day the bandit's army failed to storm the earthen palisade protecting Boar's Flanks, and began to construct improvised battering rams from the trees of the Eiko no Mori. They finally assaulted the village in full force on the seventeenth day. The bandits were eventually driven out and improvised barriers were used to close off the gates. [3]

The Bloodspeaker Strikes Edit

In the dawn of the eighteenth day of the Monkey the Boar made their last stand, arming their peasants to increase their numbers, weakened after several days of combat. Both sides were surprised when the dead began to stir during a torrential storm, and the Boar retreated into the keep Heichi sano Negura, from where they able to drive back bandits and zombies alike. [4]

Enemy of my Enemy Edit

Ougon recognized the hopelessness of his position and asked a truce to the Boar daimyo, Heichi Jomei, proposing to join forces against the undead threat which was accepted. On the nineteenth day of the Monkey, the forces of the Maho-tsukai Kitsu Yosaku assaulted the castle, being Jomei's son Heichi Utsuru among the reanimated dead. Eventually a group of samurai located and killed Yosaku, thus his undead forces collapsed to the ground, ending the battle. [5]

Known Casualties Edit


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