The Nikushimi Foundry were the forges of the Tsuno at Nikushimi Shinden. [1]

The Furnace Edit

The forges were manned by both Tsuno Bushi and Tsuno Soultwister training with advanced knowledge of metals and minerals. These Tsuno, collectively known as the Furnace, created Tsuno Blades that melt steel and obsidian, channeling energy from the Spirit Realms into the metal, making the steel especially deadly to those who traveled the Realms. The massive curved blades were cooled with water kept just above freezing, strengthening the blade. [2]

Tsuno Armor Edit

Tsuno Armor were made with the same materials as the Tsuno Blades, but required a much more complex ritual, binding the many sections of steel together spiritually. The enchantment process required the individual who would wear the armor to be physically present at the forge for the year it took to create each suit. [2]


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