Nikumizu were small and grublike, and approximately the size of a man's forefinger, and could be found in dark, moist crevasses, amongst rocks, in swamps or dead trees in the Shadowlands. They were worm-like, with a brittle shell that could easily be crushed. [1] The Kuni believed the nikumizu evolved from Tainted earthworms. [2]

Heart Grubs Edit

Their mouths were designed to pierce flesh, and if it managed to get beneath the skin it would begin to feed on the muscle tissue of its victim. It would move through the body at a rate of approximately three inches a minute, causing extreme pain to the target. The use of the areas it passed became useless, and would be permanently so unless treated magically. [3] Nikumizu sought the victim's heart, killing him. There it layd its eggs which hatched two days later. [4]

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