Nihai Tower

Nihai Tower (S6)

Nihai Tower (S6) in the Kakushikoto province [1] was the great watchtower that stood on the only road to Yogo Shiro, guarding a treacherous bit of swamp and cliff walls. From it's vantage point on the edge of Seikitsu sano Yama no Oi its guards could see watchfires in both Yogo Shiro and Shiro no Shosuro. Messages could be passed between the two castles in this manner, and no one outside the Scorpion had ever managed to decipher the code used. [2]

Strategic Point Edit

The tower was often referred to as "Shosuro's Heart," for it was centered almost perfectly between everything of importance within the Shosuro provinces. For four generations, Nihai Tower was actually the stronghold for the family's leaders while Shiro no Shosuro was being constructed. Since the completion of Shiro no Shosuro, Nihai Tower had coordinated all the Shosuro's military endeavors. [3]

Dojo Edit

The Bayushi sent many of their first- and second-year bushi to the Tower to complement the Shosuro who studied the bushi's path, maintaining a Bayushi Bushi dojo within Nihai Tower, Thunder's Dagger Dojo, [4] below ground, the secret training chambers of the Shosuro Assassins, the place where, for over a thousand years, select numbers of the Shosuro were taken away by the Lying Darkness. [5]

Tunnels Edit

Tunnels and rooms sprawled beneath the tower for miles in every direction. They were planned on connecting the tower with nearby Scorpion cities, but the project was eventually abandoned. Those who knew them well could pass unseen through almost the entirety of the Scorpion provinces. [6]

Scorpion Exile Edit

During the Scorpion Clan's exile across the Burning Sands, many Shosuro agents remained in the Empire and based their clandestine activities there. [3]


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