Nightingale Dojo was founded to teach the Nightingale technique.

Founder Edit

It was created by Mirumoto Narumi, and her daughter was her finest student and gained much glory in the dojo's name, but perished from complications following childbirth. It was not until Narumi's granddaughter, also called Mirumoto Narumi in her honor, was an adult that the Nightingale style gained widespread acceptance among the Mirumoto. [1]

Nightingale Blade Edit

Nightingale Blade were given to those students who underwent their gempukku in the Nightingale Dojo, a unique type of katana, lighter and slightly more flexible than typical. [2]

Tradition Edit

It was primarily practiced by women, although some male students had mastered its secrets. [1] Students bore a distinctive black gi[3]

Known Sensei Edit

Notable Students Edit

History Edit

Mirumoto Kei Edit

In 1170 the Mirumoto Daimyo Mirumoto Kei trained in the dojo to prepare for the Celestial Tournament. [4]


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