Night Crystal Scepter

Night Crystal Scepter

Night Crystal was a unique material created during a magical cataclysm that took place in the City of Night. [1]

Appearance and Abilities Edit

The pale green crystal [2] was an exceptionally strange material, and in some ways it acted as if it was alive. Any damage to the blade that did not destroy it was gradually repaired itself over time. It inflicted damage on supernatural targets as Goju and spirits, and radiated light on command. When the City of Night was destroyed part of the crystal lost its properties. [1]

Crafting Edit

Moto Vordu during his period of study in the City of Night discovered the Night Crystal. Vordu conducted many experiments with the substance, eventually discovering a crude means of shaping it, crafting several items, including weapons of varying types, some from the Moto culture across the Burning Sands. [1] Vordu discovered several zokujin stone tablets that detailed how to cut the crystal and fashion it into a form that lent itself easily to magical enchantment. [3]

Shinjo Shono's Eye Edit

Shinjo Shono's Crystal Eye

Shinjo Shono's Crystal Eye

The most famous of them, which replaced the left eye of Shinjo Shono. It allowed Shono to see in natural darkness, and to discern the true form of any shapeshifters or spirits that he saw. [4]

Night Crystal Blades Edit

Few of them were crafted and less remained active after the destruction of the city. [1] [5]

Night Crystal Scepter Edit

Its abilities had not been described. [6]

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