Sunset Tower

Sunset Tower (A11)

Nichibotsu Fusheru (A11), the Sunset Tower, stood for seven hundred years as a beacon and guardhouse for the city of Otosan Uchi, guarding the Imperial City and Golden Sun Bay against invasion from the sea. It was traditionally held by the Tortoise Clan, who maintained it more as a sign of devotion to Otosan Uchi than anything else. [1] [2]

Destruction Edit

The Tower was destroyed during the War Against Shadow when the great Kumo spun its web above the city. [3] The Oracle of Air took residence there, and she was visited in 1158 by Toturi Sezaru in his quest to find his father's murderer. [4]

Restoration Edit

In 1159 [5] Katsu came to Otosan Uchi with the Dark Covenant of Earth and bade Yasuki Nokatsu, the Dark Oracle of Earth to restore the tower, as it had been beloved by Katsu's father, Shiba Katsuda. [3]

Battle Edit

Fall of Otosan Uchi Edit

The Sunset Tower was attacked in 1159 during the Fall of Otosan Uchi, and all the defenders except Shiba Unasagi were killed. [6]

Battle for Sunset Tower Edit

In 1170 a short battle broke out in the tower between Crane forces and a group of Spider disguised as ronin. The Crane confronted the ronin, and their leader was revealed to be the tainted Daidoji Megumi. Kakita Kensho-in confronted Megumi and killed her. The battle was further complicated by the arrival of several Dragon under the command of Kitsuki Berii. They had come to the tower seeking the Dark Covenant of Fire. It was a matter of utmost secrecy, so Berii ordered his men to attack both the Crane and Ronin. The Dragon were victorious, but there were casualities on all sides. Following the battle, the Dragon claimed the Tower and began to negotiate terms with Kasuga Eizan. [7]

Assaulted Edit

In 1172 the Tower was assaulted by Daigotsu Eiya, who routed the guards and seized the Covenant. [8]


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