Please note: This article is about the servant of Shinsei. For other uses of the term, please see Nichibotsu (disambiguation).

Nichibotsu was the only servant of Shinsei who tended Matsu Hitomi's shrine, the Shrine of Remembrance. Calm, friendly and very comely, Nichibotsu had fooled everybody in Toshi no Omoidoso. [1]

Vengeful Spirit Edit

Once, Nichibotsu could have been described as the epitome of kindness and compassion but now he had become thorougly possessed by the sinister ghost of the maho-tsukai who once lived and cursed Toshi no Omoidasu. He was enraged that his own death had been forgotten in the wake of Matsu Hitomi. The only thing that held him back was his fear: He feared the powers Agasha Hamanari, who was now dead, and his successor, Agasha Chieh. But once he had an opportunity to attack, he would bathe the city with blood. [1]


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