Born: (c. 1083
Died: 1122

Shinjo Toda became the ronin Niban and a bandit leader.

Unicorn Clan Edit

Niban was born Shinjo Toda, and served as the Karo to Shinjo Gidayu. When Toda learned that Gidayu had had an affair with Otomo Jiko, and that Otomo Yoroshiku was actually not of the imperial line, Gidayu ordered Toda to commit Seppuku. Toda refused and became the Ronin known as Niban. [1]

Ronin Edit

Kocho Edit

Kocho was a cute, cuddly, and adorable orphan child. He somehow hooked up with Niban as an apprentice, becoming his scout. [2]

Setsuban Festival Edit

Niban founded the Nightingale Village in the hopes of impressing the Phoenix Clan enough to gain his men positions as vassals. To gain their attention, he sent the ronin shugenja Koan to compete in the Setsuban Festival Tournament. The Phoenix judges refused to allow a ronin entry into the tournament, so Niban stole the tournament's prize, a large cache of spell scrolls, and used them to barter Koan into the competition. [3] During the assault to the cache's caravan its keeper, Iuchi Taiga had been killed. [4] A samurai group lobbied to the judges who agreed after, as long as Koan was not allowed to win the tournament. Koan reached the semi-finals, and the tournament was won in the end by Isawa Uona. Niban offered the service of Kocho to the samurai. [5]

Testimony Edit

Niban was prepared to testify that Otomo Yoroshiku was not of the imperial line, and had been sponsored by the heir of the Phoenix Clan Champion, Shiba Himitsu. Unfortunately, Himitsu was murdered by Kakita Nantoko, a Scorpion spy, and agent of the Lying Darkness before he could testify.[6]

Kidnapping and framed Edit

Tobuko, a Mantis Clan ronin, and lieutenant of Niban, had grown weary of Niban's complacence and wished to return to a life of banditry. Tobuko kidnapped Otomo Yoroshiku and framed Niban for it [7] in 1122. [8]

Death Edit

Yoroshiku kidnapped

Battle at Nightingale Village

The Empire believed Niban had kidnapped Yoroshiku in the hopes that by marring her he could become a true samurai once more. Niban was defeated at the Battle at Nightingale Village, and she was rescued. The Nightingale Village he had created was leveled in this battle. [9] Niban was thirty-eight years old when he died. [10]

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