Netsuke of Wind was a Mastery 4 (Craft, Illusion) air spell which allowed a shugenja to create a small object out of the air itself, something that could be held in one or both hands. [1]

Famous and Infamous Uses Edit

  • Asahina Tariki, an apprentice of the later reviled Asahina Yajinden, devised the perfect tanto during dreams, and cast the spell to use the illusion as model. He eeventually never fulfilled the craft of the tanto.
  • Tales said about an assassin whose arrows disappeared after they hit the target, as if they were cast by the spell.
  • In the 8th century a ronin shugenja used the spell to create an katana which disappeared when its Lion wielder charged against a banditgang. This was a scheme devised by an unscrupulous Crane who had sought vengeance. The shugenja was smitten with remorse and exposed the Crane to the Lion, and the result was another war between them. [2]


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