A Nemuranai Seeker was a devoted Mirumoto who scoured the Empire to find any nemuranai that had been lost to the ages, and to catalog them if possible. Those items they could not understand were destroyed.

Training Edit

The Seekers trained closely with the Tamori family. They were trained to sense the Kami to aid in their quest. [1]

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History Edit

Support Edit

In 1166 the Asahina opened their libraries to the Seekers, respect the long-hidden records regarding the Bloodspeaker, Yajinden. [2]

Notices from Temoru Edit

Tis year Temoru wrote to Rosanjin claiming that the destruction of the nemuranai was a complete mistake. His intention was to clasify and study them, but his words were misunderstood, perverted or abused, and led to the destruction of countless benevolent artifacts. He informed about his intention to came back to Dragon lands. [3] The Dragon halted their quests for a while, until they re-evaluated the Temoru's letters. The tomes Temoru gathered were inaccurate descriptions of spirits called jinn bound into eternal slavery inside objects. The Dragon scholars mistakenly believed they referred to kami, and that all nemurani served as prisons, but it was proven wrong. [4]

War of Silk and Steel Edit

In 1167 a group of Dragon Nemuranai Hunters, operating in Crane provinces without authorization while seeking a sinister artifact, inadvertently discovered a secret cache of weapons and gaijin pepper hidden by Daidoji Harriers in case of conflict with the Lion. It led to the involvement of the Crane Clan in the War of Silk and Steel. [4]


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