Sleeping Thunder Mountain

Sleeping Thunder Mountain

The Sleeping Thunder Mountain in the Ki-rin province [1] was a volcano that lied south of Reihaido sano Ki-Rin, rumbling from time to time, but has yet to erupt. [2] [3]

Fire School of Wizardry Edit

The School of Fire Tensai was housed in a tremendous stone building on the cliffs of the mountain. [4]

Battle halted Edit

In 353 a battle was happening near the volcano during the Lion-Phoenix War. The Crane intervention forced to halt the battle and a truce between the Lion invaders and the Phoenix was called. [5] [6]

Dark Oracle of Earth Edit

In 1170 the Dark Oracle of Earth Yasuki Nokatsu took up residence beneath Sleeping Thunder Mountain. His plan was to use the Bloodsword Judgement and the angry earth kami within the mountain to cause it to erupt. His plan was foiled by Isawa Takesi, Isawa Mizuhiko, Isawa Oharu and Shiba Sakishi. Oharu sacrificed herself to buy Mizuhiko enough time to kill Nokatsu with Judgement. [7]


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