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Neelru'kir was a great Nametaker who was elevated as a Transcendent.

Mujina Race Edit

Neelru'kir's magic saved the mujina race from the Shadowlands Taint, through a spell. The spell would kill him, but he was able to transcend before his consciousness became the stuff of dreams. [1]

Transcendent Edit

Neelru'kir was knone as the Trickster among the Transcendent. Unusually for a Transcendent, Neelru'kir had no particular goal. He latched on to mortal aides simply so he could experience the mortal world through their eyes. When he was no longer amused, he departed. He felt that his life was cut short and a lingering need to see as much of the mortal world as he could was with him. [1]


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