Nazo Mori was an oval forest which was not noticed in any of the maps of the Imperial Cartographers. [1]

Origins Edit

In the Dawn of the Empire something darkened the sky and then fell into the depths of the forest without damaging to the trees of the forest. Some Rokugani such as Otomo Tametsu believed that a race was destroyed when the corpse of the Kami Ryoshun fell upon them, but the pre-human settlement remained perfectly preserved. Many scholars had written about these ruins, and those who managed to find out more, usually had had tragic stories. [2]

Evil Entity Edit

Those who resided within sight of Nazo Mori for more than a month began to suffer paranoia, the ill effects of living in proximity to an alien mystery. Unfortunately for the victims, distance from Nazo Mori did not seem to alleviate these effects. [3] An entity within the forest, Hoshi no Musaboru, was the origin of the paranoia and ill effects on the settlements surrounding the forest. [4]

Bizarre Events Edit

Lost Village Edit

Lost Village was one of the four settlements located near Nazo Mori, such as Sacred Forest Village, Iron Heart Village, and Laughing Plains Village. During one of the many festivals the villagers carried their celebration into the forest itself, lighting a bonfire and dancing and singing there. Only one villager did not dare to call the forest's wrath. He returned two days later, and the complete village was empty, with no trace of the two hundred souls who lived there. The people of the other settlements burned the entire village to the ground, and the area was avoided by everyone in the region. [5]

The Great Beast Edit

The Great Beast was a legendary creature that supposedly was seen during the 9th century in the first day of summer. Its appearance was indescribable, utterly inhuman and demonic, something that broke the mind of more than one person who witnessed it, before the monster returned to the forest. [5]

Blessing of the First Month Edit

For unknown reasons children of the region who were born on the first day of each month displayed strongly the characteristics associated with the Great Clan whose name the month bore, but also the disadvantages associated with each clan as well. [5]

Notable Locations Edit

The Glade was a perfectly circular clearing where some reported seeing cloaked figures gathered in it. The Lone Tower stood apart from the ruins of the forest, with three intacts levels and the fourth collapsed, where samurai reported sights of guardian spirits, who had refused to follow their Lord Hozumi when he was reassigned to court. The Den was located in one of the many rocky outcroppings, having a gigantic cavernous chamber. [6]


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