Natsumono were the spawn of the First Oni. [1]

First Oni Edit

Since it's defeat by Shiba during the War Against Fu Leng the First Oni was unable to return to the mortal realm, and instead began sending it's spawn in. Although most oni shared their name with their spawn, the First Oni did not wish to share Fu Lengs power with any other oni. [2]

Appearance and Abilities Edit

Natsumono did not have the same shapeshifting abilities as the First Oni, and their appearance varied very little from oni to oni. They were approximately five to seven feet tall, and had a bizarre shape as if they were the hands of the First Oni itself. They had green skin covering their entire body except for a single eye at the crown of the head which shone with a blood red light. They had five thick limbs attached to their body in something that resembled a hand, and a large mouth with razor sharp teeth was located on the underside of the body. [2]

Attack Technique Edit

The Natsumono attacked by tripping their opponenets and then leaping on top of them, holding them down and biting chunks out of their victim's flesh. They were extremely agile, and made use of all five limbs for movement. [2]

Spawns Edit

Natsumono were even capable of spawning smaller oni that would fight at their side. These smaller oni had no minds of their own, and were just physical extensions of the natsumono's will. Once the Natsumono had defeated it's foes it would devour its spawn as well. Against weaker opponents the natsumono prefered to defeat them alone. [2]

Shakoki Dogu Edit

After Fu Leng was banished in the first Day of Thunder, the First Oni was too weak to send its spawn into rokugan. Each time it tried, the Shakoki Dogu, powerful spirits inhabiting and guarding the Twilight Mountains, fought it back. For over a thousand years there had been a balance preventing either from overcoming the other. [3]

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