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Born: Unknown 
Died: Unknown 
Titles: Legion of Two Thousand Commander

Shinjo Natsume was cast out and became the ronin Natsume. He started the rebuilding of the Legion of Two Thousand, secretly funded by Shinjo Shono and became its commander.

Ronin Edit

Natsume was accused by three samurai of the Unicorn Clan for some misdeed and the daimyo Shinjo Shono made him a ronin. Shono had engineered it to start the rebuilding of the Legion without being linked to the Unicorn Clan. Natsume was funded for the purposed task. [1]

Rebuilding the Legion Edit

Natsume searched for a woman named Ginkgo, the sensei of the Thousand Leaves Dojo. She was convinced to rebuild the Legion of Two Thousand with the students of the dojo, who joined the Legion after they were graduated. [1]

First Mission Edit

A former student, Tokaji, left the dojo because bandits had plagued a Scorpion village, Doko Maru. A small group of samurai commanded by Ginkgo with the help of Natsume came to teh village. There they were joined by Tokaji, Tamago and Utagawa. The other two ronin had been tracking down a bandit leader, Kokei from Dragon lands. They ambushed the bandits who fought with unexpected ferocity to death, and their tattooed leader escaped. [1]

Legion Commander Edit

Ginkgo died in the fight and Natsume became the new commander with the support of Ginkgo's sons. Natsume convinced Gingko's younger son, Hoonoki to became the new sensei of the dojo, and Gingko's elder son managed to get more fund and acknowledgement from the Imperial Magistrate office. [1]

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