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Natsu was a courtier of the Ox Clan.

Rain of Blood Edit

When in 1165 a Rain of Blood covered the Empire Natsu's grandson fell to the taint, and Natsu had to kill him. He beared a vendetta against the Bloodspeakers and Iuchiban, who had enacted the Rain. [1]

Alliance of the Minor Clans Edit

Natsu represented the Ox in the Alliance of Minor Clans, a coalition created by Kitsuki Mizuochi the same year. In an assembly at Toshi Ranbo he lobbied to hunt cultist cells by the Alliance members, and was supported by the voice of the Alliance in the Imperial Court, the Tortoise Clan Champion, Kasuga Taigen. [1]

Kolat Edit

Natsu was a Kolat of the Coin Sect. After the assembly he had sent his comrade Kasuga Eizan to follow his brother Taigen after the assembly ended. The Tortoise Champion had visited Kakita Munemori almost immediately thereafter. Eizen feared his brother could be harmed because his Gozoku relations. They also agreed to give subtle aid to the alliance in his effort to hunt bloodspeaker cells, and in some way his tainted Master Coin, Yasuki Taka, would have some measure of forgiveness. [1]


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