Nani family
Patron family: Asako family
Clan: Phoenix Clan
Founded: 1st century
Daimyo: Unknown

The Nani family was a vassal family of the Asako.

Duty Edit

The main purpose of the family was to lead those henshin who followed a False Path to the true Path of Man. Publicly, the Nani were known as historians who roamed the Empire recording tales for the Imperial Libraries. [1]

Founder Edit

The first of their line was the henshin Asako Nani, who accompanied Asako during her travels to heal and to learn the true nature of the Path of Man. When he learned of the path, he speculated that he could outshine Lady Asako and his ancestors by following it. Unfortunately, he walked a false path and that led him to madness. Lady Asako pitied the henshin and she took care of Nani and guided him through attaining enlightenment, healing his madness and leading him to the real path. In return, Nani vowed to Lady Asako to help those who had strayed to find the true path. [1]

Lands Edit

Lady Asako brought Nani and his followers to a secluded glade in the northernmost Phoenix lands, near where the Castle of the Faithful Bride would eventually be built. [1]

Nani Daimyo Edit

Asako Nani  ? - ?

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