Naneko was born in the the group known as the Weavers. When she came of age she became one of the group's most useful members. When magistrates came to take away some of the Weavers when they had been exposed as Kolat, it was only Naneko's quick thinking that allowed many of the Weavers to survive as they did. It was apparent that she was the most capapble to lead them at that time, and the Weavers followed her every whim. Those whims had led them to the lands of the fledgling Ox Clan. Naneko loved her extended family, and would do anything to protect them. At the core however Naneko was a cold hearted and cunning master of manipulation and lies. She could bargain as well as any Yasuki and murder as well as any Shosuro Assassin. She had great plans for the Weavers and had no doubt that the Ox Clan Champion Morito would see great worth in their services. Naneko becmae the Master of the Weaver dojo. [1]


  1. Way of the Samurai, p. 93

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