Nanbu family
Patron family: Soshi family
Clan: Scorpion Clan
Founded: c. 3rd century
Daimyo: Nanbu Kochoko

The Nanbu family was a minor vassal family of the Soshi family that had little influence over the empire’s politics, and only occasional trade kept them aware of events and helped the village grow. [1]

Followers of the Soshi Edit

Nanbu was a budoka, [2] who once led a group of peasants who saved the life of Soshi Saibankan, who had been ambushed at Otosan Uchi. They became their personal guard. Nanbu's son, named for his father, continued to serve Saibankan, and after his death, served the magistrate's daughter, the shugenja Soshi Sayoko. After Nanbu nearly died uncovering a rival's plot to poison Sayoko, she promised him that so long as his sons carried his name, that they would serve the Soshi. [3]

Foundation Edit

A century later the Soshi Daimyo proclaimed them an official vassal family, the Nanbu family. [4] The ancestral lands of the Nanbu were nestled in a small valley near the Spine of the World Mountains, in view of White Shore Plain, as close to Unicorn territory as Scorpion. [5]

Duty Edit

They guarded the Soshi farmlands, becoming little more than a note in the Scorpion tax collectors'journals, rustic, backwoods samurai. The Nanbu were a parochial family, with little knowledge or influence regarding the rest of Rokugan. The Nanbu rarely saw combat, or even a member of another clan, for nearly seven hundred years. [4]

Disbanded Edit

After the Scorpion Coup the family were to be judged as the rest of the Scorpion Clan, but the daimyo, Nanbu Tsuchiya, appeared from Shiro Nanbu when the Emperors legions showed up to demand that the Soshi retainers surrender for questioning. Tsuchiya forebade his samurai from coming forth, and then he commited seppuku with Matsu Chokoku gracing him as to be his second. The Nanbu name was cleared but the family was disbanded and their holdings became a garrison. [1]

Reinstated Edit

Tzurui, Tsuchiya's son, was a member of the Toturi's Army who died during the final days of the War of Spirits in 1150. His friend and Monkey Clan Champion Toku sent a request to the new Soshi Daimyo, Soshi Uidori. Several months later, Tzurui's daughter, Nanbu Kochoko, was appointed as Nanbu Daimyo. Kochoko gathered the survivors of the family, and alongside few Monkey samurai, former students of Tzurui, occupied Shiro Nanbu again. [4]

Nanbu Daimyo Edit

Nanbu Tsuchiya  ? - 1123
Disbanded 1123 - 1150
Nanbu Kochoko 1150 - ?

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