Nanashi Mura

Nanashi Mura

Nanashi Mura (D13), [1] Nameless Village, [2] or Anonymous Village, was located near the southern Dragon border, technically was outside. The anomaly of this village was that it was ruled and inhabited entirely by ronin, under the sanction decreed by the Dragon Clan Champion Togashi Yokuni [3] a year before Hantei XXXVIII was born. [4]

Founding Edit

Nanashi Mura 2

Nanashi Mura (D13)

It was founded by Nanashi, Shinjo Fuyari and their ronin army, [3] [5] roughly equidistant between the City of the Rich Frog and Kyuden Tonbo. [6]

Limitations Edit

The ronin were not allowed any obvious defenses, and a limit on the city guard size. The Dragon watched the village with a careful eye, and fortunately there had been no major incidents. Any ronin who arrived at Nanashi Mura was asked no questions about their past, so long as they caused no further trouble. [3]

Village Sections Edit

Nanashi Mura Layout

Village Layout in 1125

The village was divided into three sections; [7]

  • Broken Wing which mostly housed the Phoenix and Crane ronin.
  • Bushi Row which mostly housed the Crab and Lion ronin
  • Highway's End which housed true ronin and those thrown out of the other two sections.

Notable Locations Edit

History Edit

Toturi's Army Edit

In the last days of 1126 the Toturi's Army, bolstered by newly joined Dragon troops, set up camp near Nanashi Mura. [8]

The Maw Edit

In the Month of the Ox of 1128 [9] Yogo Junzo deemed the village a menace, and dispatched an army of his most powerful oni to slaughter Nanashi's inhabitants. Morito Tokei had been stationed on the village by Toturi the Black, and he defeated the invading oni army led by The Maw. [10] [11] [12]

Wolf Legion Edit

After the Fall of Otosan Uchi the Wolf Legion a small contingent helped to police Nanashi Mura. Their barracks were known as the Wolves' Den. [13]

Toturi III's Reign Edit

During Toturi III's reign the Dragon magistrate changed many times. In 1170 Kitsuki Yukihira was appointed there, and Akechi was the headman. [14]

Dojo of the Wolf Edit

The so-called Wolves' Den relocated to Lost Traveler Castle when the Legion of the Wolf merged with the Legion of Two Thousand. [15]

External Links Edit

Nanashi Mura Layout 1170

Village layout in 1170


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