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Nanashi, which meant "no name", was a ronin who alongside Shinjo Fuyari founded the city of Nanashi Mura. [1]

Meeting Fuyari Edit

Fuyari was a corrupted samurai who had been dismissed from the Unicorn army after he made unwarrented attacks againsts the Dragon Clan and Crab Clan. Fuyari rallied a large army of ronin and ashigaru to attack the Unicorn, but when he was on the march, he ran into a large force of ronin led by a hooded figure. The hooded figure referred to himself as Nanashi and convinced Fuyari to stop his silly venture. [2]

Nanashi Mura Edit

Fuyari was accepted in the Dragon lands, and he set up Nanashi Mura on its southern parcel, named after the ronin that put him back on the path of honor. [3]


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