Nametakers, A'chik, [1] were powerful Nezumi Shamans that used their Name Magic to undo their enemies, wielding curses so powerful that they could wipe away any memory that a foe had even existed. [2]

Removing one's Name Edit

A Nametaker could remove one's Name, totally severing a person from their former deeds and life. Omen underwent this process. [3] An individual who had their Name taken essentially ceased to exist in all ways except physically. No one would remember that they existed, and he would find that another had risen to take his place, and everyone would remember only that the newcomer hadalways been there. In time, the victim would begin to forget as well, and they rarely survive for more than a year. [4]

Relation with the Nothing Edit

Nezumi Name Magic bore a striking resemblance to certain effects attributed to the Nothing. It had not been confirmed, but it could not be discounted. [5]


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