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Nameless One (Disadvantage, 5 points, Nameless Ones only)

A character with the Nameless One disadvantage is a Nameless One, an Ishiken who expelled the Shadowlands Taint which tried to corrupt him, but was shattered in the clash between corruption and nothingness, a monster in human form. The character is entirely immune to the Shadowlands Taint. [1] A Nameless One could have any of these disadvantages: [2]

  • Amnesiac (0-2 points): all Nameless Ones have some amount of amnesia. In the worst situation they do not remember who or what they once were, and only have a short-term memory capacity.
  • Deformed Legs (3 points): the legs are twisted and useless, they can not move without assistance.
  • Hideous (0-2 points): all are deformed, from the minor ones as facial features severely disproportionated, to the more severe, as head stunted into the torso, or other aberrations which give them a barely human appearance.
  • No Ears (1 point): it makes difficult reacting to sound.
  • No Eyes (3 points): it makes the character completely blind.
  • No Hands (3 points): the hands are useless to hold weapons or to perform any actions that requires a great deal of finesse.
  • No Mouth (1 point): spells are cast with a spectral voice, and they eat mashing food through their own flesh.
  • Shadowlands Antipathy (0 points): all Nameless Ones possess this antipathy against the minions of Jigoku. They cannot abide the presence of Tainted creatures, and will attempt to destroy them whenever possible.
  • Spectral (1 point): the Nameless One is surrounded with a ghostly, shimmering aura, and he hoovered indeed instead walking.


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