The Nameless One

Isawa Ujina, A Nameless One

A Nameless One was a rare Ishi that had become tainted but then cleansed of his taint by the conflict between the Lying Darkness and its own Void. The Lying Darkness tried in fact to use the weakening of the Ishiken by the Taint to take control of them. This was never completely successful. Nevertheless, once this process had changed them, they were stripped of their names and could be considered less than human. They had a hatred of all Shadowlands creatures and would attack tainted creatures mercilessly. [1]

Transformation Edit

Nameless Ones dressed in concealing garments so that their deformity was less noticeable, and were kept away from public view. They did not often interact with the world around them. Also, they had few memories of themselves or of any others before their becoming Nameless. Apart from the psychic changes, they also suffered a large number of physical deformities including missing eyes, mouth, ears or limbs and often were accompanied by a ghostly aura. This was attributed to the conflict between the Void, the Nothing and the Taint within their body. There had only been nine recorded Nameless Ones until the 11th century with the most notable being Isawa Ujina, in the 12th century. [2]

End of the Order Edit

Nameless One

A Nameless One

Since the defeat of the Lying Darkness in the War Against Shadow, resulted in an end to the creation of new Nameless Ones. [3]

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Known Nameless Ones Edit

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