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Nakima was the nickname used by a Qolat agent who moved between Rokugan and the Burning Sands.

Demeanor Edit

Nakima was a greed an ambitious man. He used to pass information of the Emerald Empire to an Ashalan. [1]

House of Dahab Edit

Nakima was a member of the Houses of Dahab [2] and his master was Saquen. [3]

Assassins Edit

Nakima knew Shala, the leader of the Assassins. She would met him after a Nakima's boydguard was murdered by her. [4]

Ebon Daughter Edit

In 1168 [5] he traveled to Medinaat al-Salaam with a prisoner of the kolat, Iuchi Yue, former Iuchi Daimyo of the Unicorn Clan. Nakima traded her to the Jackal Rafiq. Yue was fouled and perfomed a ritual that made her the Ebon Daughter. [6]


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