Naka Mahatsu 
Naka Mahatsu 
Born: Unknown 
Titles: Grand Master of the Elements

Mahatsu was ronin shugenja and alchemist who lived in the late twelfth, early thirteenth century. He worked to maintain the long-range communications between the Empire and the Colonies. [1]

Ronin Edit



Mahatsu never knew his parents, an infant who was given as an orphan to a temple of the Brotherhood of Shinsei in Unicorn lands. He left the monastery when he was fifteen years old, eager to find hiw own way. Mahatsu escaped after he ahd been taken into custody by a local magistrate accused of use his gifts to spy on favor of a Scorpion bushi. His trusting nature lead him to be enlisted by two bandit gangs, a maho-tsukai, and a member of the Kolat (which he was unaware of). [2]

Iuchi Training Edit

When Mahatsu was 24 he became the student and assitant of a wandering priest, Iuchi Taru. They were companions and friends for twenty years, until Taru passed on. Mahatsu was required by Iuchi Shugenja as their retainer in a journey to the Colonies, where they would study gaijin nemuranai and strange magical practices. During his time in the Second City Mahatsu displayed a great understanding in such a task, which could probably be linked to his ancestry. [3]

Grand Master Edit

Naka Mahatsu 2

Naka Mahatsu

At some point Mahatsu became Naka Mahatsu, the new Grand Master of the Elements. [4]

Yojimbo's Death Edit

Mahatsu selected Hida Osote as his yojimbo and apprentice. [5] In 1199 Osote defended his charge against a shadow-thing. [6] He was killed and the man once known as Shosuro Nishu was eventually found as his murderer. [7]

Apprentice Edit

Mahatsu recognized a dark future ahead and began training his replacement, Yasuki Jekku. Thought to be a strange choice for an apprentice, Mahatsu considered the young merchant to have all the necessary requirements for taking the position. [8]

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