Naka Kaeteru 
Born: 13 
Died: 160 
Titles: Grand Master of the Elements

Naka Kaeteru was born the year 13 [1] into a humble family of ronin in the days when Rokugan was new. He became a monk and travelled the countryside, and his wisdom increased with age. Before he died in 160, he became known across the land as the first Grand Master of the Elements.

The Monk's Wanderings Edit

Before he was widely known, Kaeteru would wander across Rokugan and learn whatever he could from the countryside and its people. He travelled the breadth of the land, learning what he could, pondering the questions that came to him, and easing his worrying mind as he learned. [2] The first and greatest was the peasant Miyuko. [3]

During his journeys, Kaeteru once came upon a grove in which he sat and meditated for some time. Occasionally a curious passerby would stop in the grove and ask the monk what he was doing. Kaeteru would only reply, "Thinking. Perhaps you should meditate along with me." In less than a month, the grove was filled with new and eager followers of the curious monk. [4]

The Monk's Wisdom Edit

After he left his grove, Kaeteru spent the rest of his life guiding his new followers. And the simple monk had gained not only a following, but a reputation. Kaeteru was called by the Phoenix Clan, so that their people could learn from him as well. While with the Phoenix, Kaeteru became the first person to ever be titled Seishin Ichibiku, which means "Spiritual Guide" or "Enlightened Host". To this day, Naka Kaeteru was regarded among the Brotherhood of Shinsei and the Asako family of the Phoenix as the greatest teacher of the wisdom of Shinsei that had ever walked Rokugan. [5]

Legacy Edit

Kaeteru wrote On the Nature of the Elements, leaving his wisdom to future generations. [6]

Preceded by:
Grand Master of the Elements
? - 160
Succeeded by:


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