Please note: This article is about the nemuranai known as the Raven Sword. For other uses of the term, please see Naishi (disambiguation).
Created by: Doji Yasurugi and Kozue
First used by: Kozue
Currently in the possession of: Kozue

Naishi, the Raven Sword, [1] was the last sword forged by Doji Yasurugi and the Kenku Kozue. [2]

Appearance and Abilities Edit

The blade was gold, and the handle had the symbol of a crow imprinted upon it. [3] The sword was linked to the spirits of Crane heroes who had wielded it in the past. When the current wielder was in need, the spirits could provide assistance, but only if the wielder was honorable. [2]

Known Souls within Naishi Edit

Kozue Edit

It was given to Kozue as thanks for his teaching. From time to time, Kozue has returned the blade, always when a Crane hero was in great need. [2]

Doji Hotei Edit

Doji Hotei, a Crane Clan Champion of the sixth century, was once a student of Kozue and wielded Naishi until his death. [4]

Doji Yasuyo Edit

It was said that Naishi held the souls of all of the heroes who have wielded it. This was proven after Doji Yasuyo wielded it against Chukandomo, and the evil spirits of that cursed sword were defeated by the souls of those within Naishi. [5] She returned Naishi to Kozue so he could pass it on when it was needed again. [6]

Known Wielders of Naishi Edit

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