The Nahr'umar was the only river in the Burning Sands, and the city of Medinat al-Salaam sprawled along its banks. Northwest downstream, it reached the Senpet Empire. [1] Relatively fertile plains flanked the river, which twisted through a series of natural rock formations that could serve as excellent quarries. [2]

Day of Wrath Edit

It was the only river allowed to survive by Shilah, Lady Sun, on her Day of Wrath. [3] It flooded every ten years. [4] When the river rose, the wheat grew green and fresh. The fields aroun d the river were known as the Fields of Rolling Grain. [5]

Length Edit

It was said it was the longest river of the world. It began to the North of the Sands, its basin covered one fifth of the continent that crossed, and run into the sea that bordered the Senpet empire. [6]


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