Nagori's Chrysanthemums Guardian

Nagori's Chrysanthemums

Nagori's Chrysanthemums were Chrysanthemum plants crafted by Yogo Nagori. [1]

Abilities Edit

If the bushes noticed the presence of a Shadowlands creatures they formed a number of Nagori's Chrysanthemums Guardians equal to the number of blossoms on the plant. The flowers reappeared after one month. [2]

History Edit

Gifted Edit

Four of the chrysanthemum cuttings were sent to the Crab by the Scorpion, to appease them and expecting to delay a war between the clans. The planst were used to defend Kyuden Hida. [3]

Tainted Edit

The flowers themselves were later stolen by a maho-tsukai who disguised his Taint long enough to bypass the flowers' wards. Crab explorers reported seeing similar bushes in the Shadowlands, apparently alerting the creatures to human presence. [4] The only surviving bush had been donated to the Asahina Temples. [2]


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