The Naginata was a long sword-staff. [1]

Appearance Edit

It was a polearm with a long wooden or bamboo pole as a handle, with a large, slightly curved, pointed blade at the end that was fashioned similar to the blade of a katana. Traditionally, it was most often used by samurai-ko, [2] but it was also commonly found in the Shiba family, [3] the Utaku Battle Maidens, [4] and among the Daidoji family. [citation needed] Held in the same esteem as the daisho, the naginata was the samurai's preferred polearm. With a blade forged similarly to a wakizashi, expertly balanced, and offering superior reach, it was sometimes even favored over a samurai's own katana. For such a noble weapon to be in the hands of a commoner was strictly forbidden. [5]

Crafting Edit

Generally a smith who made naginata had become so proficient at forging this specific blade that they had very little call to forge anything else. The wooden shaft was another masterfully crafted item, made by a highly skilled group of peasants. One grow the trees, and were honored for them, and another harvested them. A single tree, well cared for and flourished throughout its life, produced hundreds of sturdy, weapons-grade polearms. [6]

Naginatajutsu Edit

Naginata 2

Samurai-ko with Naginata

The art of wielding a naginata was naginatajutsu and was taught widely among the Clans. [citation needed]

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