Nagai Michinori, "a long way", was a major martial art devised by Kaelung. [1]

Origin Edit

Kaelung was seeking revenge against Kokujin, who had killed several of his comrades. He did not desire to teach, but the persistence of his first students, and the advantage to have a band of loyal followers in his quest, changed his opinion. When his first students asked what name they should call his style, Kaelung replied "a long way", for true mastery was a never-ending journey. [2]

Style Edit

Nagai michinori was a fluid and pragmatic style in a state of constant flux. Students should borrow any maneuvers and techniques that they might find useful, and that quality of movement always overrided quantity. They were taught to maintain balance, that all strategies can be opposed through proper application of yin (yieldig, positive energy) and yang (hard, aggressive energy). Students were also taught to remain relaxed, calm, and prepared. Rapid, powerful punches were a trademark move. [3]

Purpose Edit

The art was a style designed to defeat an opponent swiftly, soundly and decisively, and taking a step further, it was a philosophy for living. The student was taught to keep his mind opm to all things, to indulge all opportunities. It demanded an incredible dedication and strong work ethic. [3]

Training Edit

Kaelung and the handful of ronin who followed him were the only practitioners, so training in this art could be difficult. As nagai michinori was stressed strong individualism, a student who was taught the essentials might be able to master the style even without further aid. [4]

  • A novice had learned the basics of footwork, and could transfer this fluid movement into a powerful punch or kick.
  • An intermediate student began to incorporate powerful maneuvers from other styles.
  • The advanced student was an expert at diverting hard yang attacks with swift yin movement.
  • The expert student continued to incorporate the most powerful moves from other schools, creiting a unique, cohesive whole.
  • The master of nagai michinori was a truly unique individual, the master of his own individual style.

Known Advanced Maneuvers Edit


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