Cobra Shadowlands Hunter

Cobra Shadowlands Hunter

Naga Slayers were Naga warriors who bore a singular, undying hatred for a particular race or type of creature. [1]

Tradition Edit

Slayers were the elite of the Naga Warriors, created to cleanse the earth of the enemies of the Akasha, as Shadowlands or Shadowspawn creatures, Nezumi, Zokujin, Ghosts, Animal Spirits, Abominations, and other races alike. [2]

Training Edit

There was no formalized system of training for slayers, and a willing applicant simply had to find a suitable teacher. "Shadowlands slayers" were at the vanguard of the Naga armies who aided the Crab Clan in their recapture of Hiruma Castle, and "Shadow slayers" were the first to lay siege to the holdings of the Dragon Clan when Mirumoto Hitomi became corrupted by the power of the Lying Darkness. [1]

Weapon Edit

To fight the most heavily armored oni, the Slayers were given Pearl Staffs, long staves carved with countless pearls. [3]

Naga Slayer Great Lessons Edit

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Known Naga Slayers Edit


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