The Naga Army was the military might of the Naga race.

Composition Edit

The army was divided into cells of 5-10 Warriors, Vedic, and Jakla, which formed in loose ranks, in lines marching apart from one another in "V" shape. The General in the center, and commanders at the sides. [1]

Ranks Edit

A cell was led by a dukhva, the Corporal. Five cells were led by a sparsa, the Sergeant, in turn commanded by a prayatna, the Captain. The warrior with the highest connection with the Akasha, those with a title given as the Balash or the Isha, were the top leader of the force. [1]

Tactics Edit

The Naga Scouts gave advance warning of an enemy's approach, and near-instant communication between their troops through the Akasha. The outermost of a Naga force split away from the main body and attempt to flank the enemy, while the center unit approached defensively. The center unit lured the enemy and slowly withdrew, drawing the enemy between widening ranks of Naga. This tactic worked exceptionally well over rough terrain, but it weakness was that if the scouts were lost the deployment would fall. [2]


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