Born: Unknown 
Siblings: Kan'ok'ticheck

Nachin'check was a nezumi warrior of the Green-Green-White Tribe, and the brother of the Chief of Chiefs of the One Tribe, Kan'ok'ticheck.

Kisada's shady dealings Edit

In 1167 he lived in the Shinomen Mori warren. A Grasping Paw scout, Nimm'k reported that Kisada was conducting meetings with Lost at Koten. Kan'ok'ticheck in turn issued a warning the Crab, tyhat if they would not stop their relations with the tainted then the nezumi would break their friendship with them. [1]

Kumitae Tournament Edit

In 1168 Nachin'check participated in a martial arts tournament, the Kumitae Tournament, which prize was a recently discovered martial arts manual written by Shinsei himself, the Kumitae. He fought the dragon Togashi Razan in the first round and lost. The nezumi method of fighting was very brutal and lethal, and he refused to use his claws or teeth, because the nezumi wouldn't want to repay the honor by injuring his opponent. One of the contenders, the ronin Masami was later exposed as a tainted Daigotsu's follower, and was killed by Hida Nichie. For her actions Nichie was considered a hero, and the final round was not disputed, being Nichie the Kumitae Champion. [2]

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