Myobu were unusual kitsune spirits who directly served Inari, the Fortune of Rice, as his messengers. [1]

Origin Edit

A tale said Myobu were descendants of two kitsune which got homage by an elderly monk of Inari. In return the foxes pledged their service and that of their children to the Fortune of Rice. [1]

Appearance and Demeanor Edit

Myobu's demeanor was more serious than that of their brethren, showing humans how to offer proper reverence to Inari. The silver foxes had up to eight tails, dependent on the myobu's age and its standing with the Fortune. In human form appeared as either a beautiful woman or an elderly peasant, benign spirits who offered omens and instructions on how to maximize the harvest. Myobu appeared in a more angry manner when the Fortune was displeased with a particular person. Small carved representations of myobu were seen in any shrine dedicated to the Fortune of Rice, [2] considered good luck by the Fox Clan. It was also the word used to describe ladies of courtly rank and noble lineage. [3]

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