Born: Unknown 
Died: 42 
Parents: Kazuhiro 
Titles: Chieftain of the Tribe of Noriaki

Mutsuhito was a member of the Tribe of Noriaki, and the first human follower of Fu Leng.

Tribe of Noriaki Edit

Mutsuhito was the son of Kazuhiro, and a member of the Tribe of Noriaki. The tribe was a group of warriors, who would often take what they needed from neighbouring tribes. Not long after the Fall of the Kami, the tribe attempted to attack the Seppun at Seppun Hill. The tribe were defeated when the Kami led by Hantei defended the Seppun. Kazuhiro pleaded for his life but was killed by Mutsuhito, who had evaded capture. [1]

Matsu Edit

In his youth Mutsuhito was the beloved of Matsu, also a member of the tribe. Following the fall of the tribe at Seppun Hill, Matsu joined the Lion Clan and it's founder Akodo. [2]

Fu Leng Edit

Mutsuhito, now the chieftain of the Noriaki, led what few followers remained south into the Shadowlands. There they began encountering all manners of creatures, clearly affected by some terrible devastation. Mutsuhito's childhood friend Kano was mortally wounded by an ogre, and Mutsuhito was forced to leave him behind. Later, on their thirteenth in the Shadowlands Mutsuhito killed Soseki because he began questioning the wisdom in continuing to flee the Kami. Eventually, three months after they first entered the Shadowlands, the remnants of the tribe reached a large crater. There they met Fu Leng, and swore fealty to the fallen Kami. [1] Fu Leng made them the first of the Lost, and created a tainted suit of armor for Mutsuhito, which was known as Indomitable. [3]

"Let us serve you, Fu Leng. If we humans must serve a god, then let it be a god worthy of our respect."

Day of Thunder Edit

On the Day of Thunder in 42 Mutsuhito led samurai in obsidian armor in the defense of their lord's keep against the Seven Thunders. He fought against Matsu, but was killed by her. He was able, however, to mortally wound Isawa before he died. [2]

"Bow to me and I will kill you swiftly, in honor of the love we once had for one another."

Undead Edit

His body was left to rot in the Ruined Keep of Fu Leng, rising from the dead as a hyahukei, a self-willed undead. Eventually, Musuhito threw himself into the Festering Pit, when he realized his inability to rally the minions of the Shadowlands under his will. [3]

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