Musume Mura

Musume Mura

The Daughter Village (CN7) in the Oyomesan province, [1] was so named in honor of Doji Mioko, the low-ranking daughter of the Doji family who nonetheless caught the Hantei's eye and became the first Empress. [2]

Appearance Edit

Musume Mura 2

Musume Mura (CN7)

Musume Mura looked out over Yakamo's Heart [2] toward the island where the first Hantei found his bride. The large village housed a shrine dedicated to Hantei and his bride, the main exibit being a single Jade tear shed by the Emperor when he asked the young Crane maiden to marry him. [3]

Matchmakers Edit

The finest marriage arrangers of the Crane made Musume Mura their home. [4] Unlike the stereotypical image of a gruff, meddling, heartless marriage arranger, the arrangers in Musume Mura were cautious, compassionate, and always took the best interests of both parties to heart when arranging a union. [2] A major shrine to Ko-no-hama, the Fortune of Marriage, was built there. [5]

Village of Vice Edit

Indolent, lecherous bachelors were attracted to a village where it was said young women unable to find a spouse wandered the streets in large numbers. Sake and geisha houses were established along the wharf, and the village's convenient location soon attracted smugglers, pirates, and other sea trash. A strangely profitable tertiary industry of entertainment and smuggling was created in Musume Mura, within the Wharf District. [6]

History Edit

Bloodspeaker Attack Edit

In 1166 several villagers were killed by Bloodspeakers. Isawa Sezaru killed them all. [7]

Blood Hunt Edit

The Imperial Legions discovered a cell within the city during the Blood Hunt and destroyed it. [8]

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