Musubi-no-Kami was the Fortune of Marriage. [1]

Primal Fortune Edit

Musubi-no-Kami was one of the three so-called Unnamed Fortunes. They were ancient beings that predated the fall of the Kami, primordial beings worshiped by primitive man and accepted as Fortunes by Hantei Genji when he embraced the teachings of Shinsei. It and its two brethren, Kaze-no-kami and Yama-no-Kami, were among the most powerful of the Lesser Fortunes. [2]

Appearance Edit

The Fortune had no set form, and could appear as male or female. [3] Musubi-no-Kami was venerated by matchmakers who wished to make their choices for their clans, and by unmarried samurai wishing to betroth. The Otomo family housed the most famous of Musubi-no-Kami's temples. [4]

Venerated Edit

The Otomo family particularly venerated Musubu-no-Kami and maintained an enormous temple, invoking its favor in the course of their frequent duty as matchmakers. A major shrine to the Fortune was also maintained in Musume Mura, home to the Crane Clan's finest matchmakers. [3]


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